This website has been developed for a 3rd year university Spanish translation project at University College Cork (UCC).  The university module for which it was created is HS3004 –  Translating Business, Culture and Society in the Hispanic World.  I have selected to translate the Spanish author, Ignacio Aldecoa’s short story called “Entre el cielo y el mar” which was first published in 1955.  This short story about a boy who is excited about becoming a fisherman is memorable for its descriptions of both the traditional fishing methods and the hardships of a fishing lifestyle in southern Spain.  You can find my translation by clicking on “English Translation” above or by clicking here,  As the original Spanish text is still protected by copyright, you will need to enter a password to gain access.

Overall, I learnt a lot from working on this translation including how to overcome translation issues by using dictionaries, other online resources, and by asking native Spanish speakers.  When I had a good draft translation completed, I found it useful to refer to the translation theory in the final phase of the project to tighten up the quality of the translation, and to reevaluate some of the translation choices I had made.  I found the advice of Peter Newmark when he advised that “All translation problems finally resolve themselves into problems of how to write well in the target language” very useful for completing the translation.  While I have done my best to translate this story, if you have any further feedback or comments that could help improve it, please send an email  to 90092422@umail.ucc.ie .  As Peter Newmark also observed: “A translation is never finished, and one has to keep paring away at it, reducing the element of paraphrase, tightening the language.” (Approaches to Translation, p.17).

Thank you,

Aileen Meade

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